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Try this exercise to improve your BALANCE

The video I’m sharing with you today includes a couple of variations of the Lateral Lunge exercise, which you likely know. These variations will both improve your balance with the second variation a simple technique that you can use with any exercise to improve balance, proprioception and kinesthetic awareness. Those last 2 words may be…

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Strained Groin? | MED for HFS [ASK ERIC]

  In today’s QnA video, I answer the following questions: Any suggestions for strained inner thigh muscle? Strained it doing side stretch after doing kick boxing. – Patricia MacKinnon [00:20] ======================= Hi Eric, I’ve been playing around with HFS for the last couple of months. I started doing a full month of HFS by the…

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Simple 3 Step System to Achieve YOUR Goals

With all of the info coming at you, it’s easy to get bogged down with info overload… An example is a reply to a follow-up email I got from John, a new Shoulder Flexibility Solution customer, who told me, “I haven’t started yet because I’ve gotten a bunch of new programs over the last couple…

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1 sided low back pain

Sprints for Fat Loss | 1-Sided Low Back Pain [ASK ERIC]

Alright so our weekly QnA segment is back and I’ve got a couple of questions that I answer today: Eric, sprints for fat loss. How often in a week, and what is a great program ? – Grant Vaka [00:53] ======== Greetings Eric, I keep getting muscle spasms in my lower right side of my…

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1 Exercise to Assess and FIX Lateral Musculature

Most exercises are assessments in and of themselves, when you know what to look for. Watching a Squat illuminates hip mobility, a Pushup shows upper body + core integration, and watching someone bend over to tie their shoes tells a lot about the health of their low back and knees. Today’s exercise shows both strength,…

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Don’t make things HARDER and just FLOW

Ahhhhh, it feels so good to breathe the fresh air again… Spring finally emerged from the long, drawn out winter here in Toronto and on the first sunny day I dusted my bike off, pumped up the tires and went out for a spin. It was sunny but crisp and the cool air felt great…

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Interview with Eric Cressey

Here’s an interview with one of the top strength coaches in the game who runs 2 successful gyms and works with dozens of MLB players and other pro athletes, Eric Cressey: Interview with Eric Cressey MP3 (Right Click to Save As) Obviously, I’m a big fan of Eric Cressey’s work… He creates functional, balanced programs…

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Bench Dips | Exercises for SI Joint Instability | Get Strong Not Tight [ASK ERIC]

In today’s QnA video, I answer the following questions: Triceps Bench Dip – Yay or Nay? (no name) [00:37] ================= Hi Eric, I suffer with a hypermobile sacroiliac joint and periodically visit an osteopath to ‘click’ me back into place. It’s very painful and when the surrounding muscles tighten I really struggle to even walk!…

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develop your strengths

DO NOT turn weaknesses into STRENGTHS

I was at the boxing gym the other day watching a coach work with his pupil. They were working the pads and the boxer was firing off various combos… 1-2-3-2… 1-1-2-3… 1-2-5-2… … and so on. When the buzzer went off signaling the end of the round, I overheard the coach mention to his athlete,…

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Dips + Shoulder Mobility | More Pecs when Pressing | Shoulder Flexibility and Punching Power [ASK ERIC]

I’ve been reading through the 1200+ responses to the Shoulder Flexibility Survey I sent out and I’ve come across some great questions that I figured I’d answer in today’s QnA video, such as: Does shoulder tightness affect punching power? [01:04] Do exercises like Dips adversely affect shoulder mobility?  I seem to have problems with shoulder…

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EVERYthing. Started from NOthing.

When I first conceived of this article, I was sitting at a café, working on the overall structure of my upcoming Shoulder Flexibility Solution, tweaking it to make it flow logically and seamlessly. I sat at a table near a south-facing window that looked out across downtown Toronto. In the distance I could see the…

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